Broken Tooth Repair

Broken Tooth Repair

broken tooth repair

A broken tooth is not only an aesthetic problem it is an oral health concern. Whether the break is big or small, any damage to a tooth must be addressed right away to avoid complications. Consider any damaged tooth a dental emergency and get timely, thorough, broken tooth repairs from Ingleside Family Dental in Ladson, SC.

Treatment Options For Broken Tooth Repair

There are many possible dental restorations for broken tooth repair. The cause of the damage is relevant to the diagnosis and solution. There is a big difference between weak tooth enamel, a blow to the mouth, and deteriorating dental work – but they can all lead to broken teeth. For instance, if a tooth breaks because of excessive teeth grinding, the chronic grinding problem will need to be addressed along with the tooth repair so no additional breaks occur.

Your Ladson family dentist will choose the most appropriate restoration for the circumstances you find yourself in. Some of the most common broken tooth repairs include:

  • Tooth-colored filling: Any minor tooth breaks are easy to treat, usually with a tooth-colored filling. This composite resin material is durable and customized to match your enamel so it fills any small cracks or breaks while blending in with the rest of your smile.
  • Porcelain crown: When a tooth is badly broken and it cannot be repaired successfully with a tooth-colored filling, a personalized porcelain crown is created to cap the entire tooth. This not only corrects the break but prevents further deterioration. Depending on how deep the break is, you may need root canal therapy first to treat the tooth before the crown is cemented in place.
  • Dental bonding: Dental bonding is a conservative dental restoration that works like a filling but is non-invasive. It’s a great solution for a tooth that is only broken on the surface and it can be done in just about 30 minutes at your dentist’s office. This is often a great solution for a cosmetic break.
  • Dental inlay or onlay: If a filling isn’t big enough but a crown is too big, there are inlays and onlays. These are referred to sometimes as partial crowns and are customized to fit over the chewing surface of a tooth and sometimes a cusp or more to stabilize the structure.
  • Tooth extraction: Tooth extraction is always a last resort. Your dentist will only consider this option if there is no chance that other solutions will work. Sometimes, though, a tooth is so badly broken that the problem extends to the root, causing pain and possibility of greater infection. Eventually, a dental restoration like a dental bridge can be placed in that area.

Cost Factors For Broken Tooth Repair

Every patient will have a different set of costs for fixing their broken tooth which will depend on:

  • How severe the break is
  • The type of repair needed
  • How many repairs must be made
  • Materials used for the treatment

Don’t ever avoid the dentist because you are worried about paying for treatment. If you allow any dental problem to fester and grow, you will end up in great pain and with a bigger bill than you ever anticipated to manage the problems that develop from one small issue. We make affording your dental work easy. Just ask about our  financing options.

Get Help For A Broken Tooth In Ladson, SC

If you have a broken tooth, it is so important to get it repaired as soon as possible. A hairline crack may look like nothing but it can lead to major oral health problems if food particles and bacteria make their way into the tooth and wreak havoc.

Contact Ingleside Family Dental in Lasdon, SC right away to Schedule an emergency dental appointment with Dr. Mathew and our team.

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