Pediatric Dentistry

As a family dentistry practice, kids of all ages are welcome! Our team enjoys helping children and teens build healthy dental habits and paving the way for them to have a healthy smile for life! The best time to begin your child’s dental visits is around one year of age. When their first tooth erupts, it’s a good time to schedule! After this, every six months your child is recommended to visit so their dentist can keep an eye on their dental development and look for signs of decay or infection. When caught early, dental problems can typically be fixed with simple treatments. No matter your child’s age, it’s never too late to begin their dental care.

Your Child’s First Visit

At your child’s first dental visit, our team will help them feel comfortable and enjoy their experience! Our pediatric dentist, Dr. Marilyn Mathew, will take a look inside their mouth, answer any questions you may have and inform you of what to expect next in their dental development. Their first visit gets their dental experience off to a good start and helps build a relationship with your child so they feel comfortable each time they come back! 

Primary Teeth

Although you may not realize it, primary teeth (baby teeth) are extremely important in the health of your child’s smile! Primary teeth play a major role in the development and condition of their permanent teeth. Primary teeth help guide permanent teeth into the right place. If primary teeth fall out too soon, primary teeth may not grow in properly. Primary teeth help your child develop clear speech and help them chew properly too. So taking care of these teeth, even though they are expected to fall out, is vital to your child’s development. 

Fluoride Treatments & Dental Sealants

Fluoride treatments and dental sealants can also help protect and strengthen your child’s teeth. Fluoride can be topically applied or a fluoride supplement can be prescribed if your child is at risk for tooth decay. Dental sealants can be applied when your child’s dentist recommends it as a preventative measure. Sealants are a clear plastic coating that covers the back molars and protects the deep crevices and hard-to-reach areas from decay. These options are effective at preventing cavities from forming, but good oral hygiene habits at home are still required!

If you are looking for a pediatric dentist in Ladson, SC, we’re here for you! Call today to set up your child’s first visit! 

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